Welcome to J.O.E. the babysitting and dog walking business!

            Our names are Ola, Julia and Emilia, we love babies and dogs so we decided to walk dogs and babysit during the summer.  Ola is 10, Julia is 8 and Emilia is 6 but our parents will help us, they will be with us at all times.  We can work on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 10A.M. until 2P.M.  and on Saturdays we can work from noon until 4P.M. We can work until school starts.  We can take the babies or dogs to a park or somewhere else where they like.
              Also we have these cards that we will give you every time we work for you. Keep the cards and you will get prizes. If you get five cards we will buy a toy for your baby or dog. If you get 10 cards, we will work for you for free for a week, and you will get more prizes the more cards you get.